100 Years Of Infographics From National Geographic

Why National Geographic‘s approach to information design has changed little since the 1800s.

Article Information:

Celebrating their 125th anniversary, National Geographic have teamed up with publishers Taschen to release a three-volume book set called Around The World in 125 Years. Limited to 125,000 copies worldwide, the book is stuffed full with over 1,400 photos (many unpublished), all of which have been pulled from the magazine's vast archives. Volume 1 begins with the Americas and Antarctica, moving on to the Atlantic to Europe and Africa in Volume 2 and then the Indian Ocean, Asia and Oceania in Volume 3.

Back in the days when the information age was a distant dream and the world a more mysterious place, National Geographic began its mission to reveal the wonders of history, popular science, and culture to eager audiences around the globe. Since that 1888 launch, the world has changed; empires have risen and crumbled and a galaxy of information is today only a click away. But National Geographic endures; its calm, authoritative voice is as respected as ever amid the surfeit of data in our daily lives.